The Springhill Elementary School build long overdue

Parents and kids in Springhill, Nova Scotia continue to wait for an update on the government’s promise for a new elementary school. 


When the long-awaited Springhill Elementary School site was announced in May 2020, Education Minister Zach Churchill stated the project would enter the design phase with community involvement as soon as possible, and that construction was said to begin in Fall 2020. We have not yet seen these steps taken.


Tory Rushton, Progressive Conservative MLA for Cumberland South submitted questions to the government on consultations, designs, and on whether the School Steering Team has even been created yet?


“The community of Springhill deserves answers and to not be kept in the dark by Minister Churchill,” says Rushton. “I have said from the beginning that I am willing to work and communicate with the respective departments to ensure this process goes smoothly and that  we see the project completed.”


The Springhill Elementary School was proposed to have community involvement. There has been silence on any plans or progress for the school or community consultation since the announcement in May.


“I wrote to Premier McNeil and the Minister back in June to inquire about how federal stimulus money will be used to keep projects like the Springhill Elementary school on time and on schedule,” says Rushton. “I have not yet received a response.” 


Schools are a pillar for learning, structure and stability for children. They are meant to provide safe centres where students can thrive. The Springhill Elementary School build needs to begin, starting with confirmation of community involvement and consultation.