Tim Houston on the selection of Iain Rankin as the new Liberal leader

The following is a statement from PC Leader Tim Houston on the selection of Iain Rankin as the new Liberal leader:

Congratulations to Premier-designate Rankin on being selected as the new Liberal leader and the next Premier of our great province. It is an incredible honour to serve the province of Nova Scotia and I know he will do so with the best intentions. I wish him the best of luck in this new role.

I am hopeful that new leadership of the Liberal Party will bring a new approach to governing. I am optimistic and hopeful that the incoming Premier will be more willing to work with the Opposition for the benefit of Nova Scotians, because before we are PCs or Liberals, we are Nova Scotians. As elected officials, it is our obligation to reach across the floor to find solutions that are in the best interests of our constituents.

We live in the best province in the world. There is incredible potential for Nova Scotia. We are more likely to realize that potential by working together, no matter what party is in government. Our Caucus will never criticize government decisions without putting meaningful solutions forward. I would encourage the new Premier to be receptive of positive, progressive ideas, no matter who brings them forward. I truly believe working together will result in better, more accountable government representation for Nova Scotians.