Tim Houston on the Yarmouth Ferry court decision

Four years ago, the PC caucus filed a Freedom of Information request seeking the management fee of the Yarmouth ferry. Two years ago, the privacy commissioner ruled that the fee should be released.


As a result of the Liberal government's refusal to comply by disclosing the dollar amount, our only recourse was to take the province to court to get the information that Nova Scotians are entitled to know: how much we are paying a company to manage a ferry that hasn’t run in two years?


Finally, today, after every legal maneuver to shut us down was exhausted, Nova Scotians had our day in court. The matter is presently adjourned for closing submissions on November 19.


Our Freedom of Information laws are necessary to ensure fairness in government decision making, and to ensure that the government does not operate in the shadows, without being accountable to the public. With strong, enforceable laws, comes integrity of the system and transparency of government. It is the essence of good government and leaves no room for secrecy.


A key function of our democracy is that the government will collect your tax dollars and spend them on your behalf, but they have to tell you how they spent them.