Tim Houston on the Yarmouth Ferry management fee

Today we learned that Nova Scotia taxpayers have paid at least $3.5 million to Bay Ferries over the last three years for a ferry that has not carried a single passenger.

That’s nearly $100,000 a month, month after month, and over a million dollars a year. This is a significant amount in a Province where the average Nova Scotian earns $31,700 annually, and where many tourism operators have been financially devastated.

Since 2016, the PC Caucus has been fighting the Liberal government to find out how much Nova Scotia taxpayers pay In secret management fees.  

A week after a court said the government must reveal the figure and incoming Premier Rankin hid from commenting, Bay Ferries - not the Liberal government - disclosed the $1.17 million annual guaranteed payment.

It should not have taken four years - two of them in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia - to get the answers that Nova Scotians deserve. The Liberals tried to hide this fee because they were embarrassed. Their lack of transparency has been wilful and deliberate, and neither Premier McNeil nor Premier Rankin have shown the required leadership that Nova Scotians expect.