Tim Houston, PCs have ‘Solutions for Nova Scotians’

With Nova Scotians in need of family doctors, timely access to mental health services and assurances that their parents and grandparents will have the care they need as they age, Tim Houston and PCs are putting forward solutions to fix a healthcare system in crisis.

Houston gave a speech to supporters on Saturday outlining his vision to get our province back on track and unveiled the Party’s mission: Solutions for Nova Scotians.

“This election will be about finding solutions for Nova Scotians,” says Houston. “During the last eight years, healthcare has gotten worse. We need strong leadership in the Premier’s office to fix it.”

The healthcare crisis has dominated the news as of late with a shortage of ambulances, cases of healthcare worker burnout, and surgery wait times leading to 400 deaths across the province. Over 69,000 Nova Scotians are still without a family doctor, and that number continues to rise.

Houston has released three plans: Hope for Health, Dignity for our Seniors, and Universal Mental Health, over the course of the last 12 months to address these issues.

“If you want to be Premier of this province, you need to identify the problems and put forward solutions,” says Houston. “That’s what we’ve done. We’ve listened and we’ve acted.”

Earlier this week, Houston unveiled the Better Pay Cheque Guarantee focused on fixing our economy, bringing business and people to our province, and paying Nova Scotians a higher wage.

“We’re going to give working families a raise,” says Houston. “I will be the Premier that competes with Ontario, with Alberta, and with Quebec for jobs and for industry. The PCs have a plan to transform our province.”

Houston says that healthcare and good-paying jobs will be on the minds of Nova Scotians when they vote. They are looking for a Premier with the judgement, common sense and maturity to lead.

“Other parties can complain, and be negative,” says Houston. “We are focussed on providing solutions for Nova Scotians and laying out a positive vision for our province. You will always know exactly where we stand.”