Tim Houston proposes money for Tourism; Higgs delivers, while Rankin dithers

For the second year in a row, Tim Houston wants to get money in the hands of the tourism sector, and is proposing a $200 tax credit for Nova Scotians to vacation at home.

“I want to see a province where business is supported as we move away from COVID-19,” says Houston. “With no clear dates for anything in the Liberal reopening plan, the tourism industry won’t get those dollars from visitors. My plan is to incentivize Nova Scotians to explore their own province.”

At this time last year, Houston launched Ready for What’s Next, a series of thoughtful solutions for an economic recovery in-between waves. A key part of that plan would see each taxpayer receive a $200 tax credit towards spending money in the hard-hit Nova Scotia hospitality sector.

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs is supporting tourism operators and businesses for a second year in a row with a rebate for people vacationing in that province, while Premier Iain Rankin is still struggling to explain his reopening plan to Nova Scotians.

“I applaud Premier Higgs for using some common sense,” says Houston. “We could use a little of that in Nova Scotia.”

The tax credit, which is available to any visitor to New Brunswick, will see Nova Scotians heading across the border to vacation there. Houston says Higgs is doing what is right for business but he wants to see those dollars invested in Nova Scotia businesses instead.

“This is why strong leadership matters. You have one government doing everything they can to jump start businesses in the hurting hospitality sector, while the Rankin government dithers and ignores the problem.”

The business community heavily criticized the Nova Scotia reopening plan. The Hotel Association of Nova Scotia has called on the government to introduce a similar tourism rebate program to the one in New Brunswick. Houston agrees and hopes the Premier tries again.

“There needs to be more done for business and there needs to be more done for Nova Scotians,” says Houston. “Everyone has sacrificed and this tax credit is a common sense start.”