Tim Houston talks solutions in clear debate win

Nova Scotians saw a clear contrast between PC Leader Tim Houston's transparent, confident leadership and the weak leadership of Iain Rankin in tonight’s leaders’ debate.

In an election campaign where timely access to doctors and healthcare has become the number one issue, Houston used the first debate to share his solutions for Nova Scotians.

“A failure to invest in healthcare is a clear failure to lead,” says Houston. “A PC government has a plan to invest in doctors, long-term care, and universal mental health. If Nova Scotians want to see a change in the healthcare system, we have to change the government.”

Iain Rankin struggled to answer for Nova Scotia’s healthcare crisis after eight years of poor Liberal decisions. During one specific exchange, Houston was transparent about the struggles Nova Scotians have faced in finding a doctor, noting that his family is about to be without a doctor in less than a month.

“A 20-year-old shouldn’t be worrying if their grandparents can get a family doctor in this province,” says Houston, referring to his son. “These aren’t just sales pitches during a campaign; we’ve been working on detailed solutions for over a year.”

When asked, Iain Rankin did not explicitly rule out closures to rural hospital emergency rooms.

“Voters expect a clear plan to solve the problems of the last eight years; they expect solutions,” says Houston. “We have a Liberal government that doesn’t acknowledge the health crisis facing our province and has the nerve to look Nova Scotians in the eye and tell them he won’t spend money to fix it.”

Houston's Solutions for Nova Scotians platform will:

  • Recruit and retain doctors for the 70,000 Nova Scotians waiting for a family care provider.
  • Build 2,500 long-term care beds and hire 2000 long-term care staff.
  • Provide Universal Mental Health to help those people who don’t have private health insurance.
  • Give Nova Scotians a raise and recruit companies to do business in Nova Scotia with the Better Pay Cheque Guarantee.
  • Establish the M.O.S.T. program (More Opportunities for Skilled Trades) to incentivize young trade workers to move and stay here.
  • Showcase Nova Scotia as a world leader in adopting green energy measures and promote climate-friendly sustainable development.


“This election comes down to who has the solutions to jump-start our economy and fix a healthcare system in crisis,” says Houston. “There is only one party ready to do that, and that’s our PC team.”