Time’s up on stonewalling from Rankin Liberals on sexism allegations

Nova Scotia voters deserve a clear and detailed account from Liberal Leader Iain Rankin on who knew what and who did what in the removal of former Dartmouth South Liberal candidate Robyn Ingraham.

“Iain Rankin continues to dodge and weave on this issue, rather than give straight answers on what he and his top officials did,” said Barbara Adams, PC candidate for Eastern Passage. “Robyn Ingraham showed tremendous courage in speaking her truth. It’s time for Iain Rankin to stop avoiding honest answers and show the same courage that she did.”

Since the news broke this weekend that Ingraham was no longer a Liberal candidate, Rankin has claimed it was her choice and that he was unable to connect with her directly.  Ingraham has since stated the following about senior Liberal campaign officials:
  • “Her contact” told her that the online photographs Ingraham shared with the Liberal Party as part of the candidate disclosure process were making “higher ups” nervous and she had to be removed as a candidate;
  • A lawyer on behalf of the Liberal Party treated her rudely;
  • A communications official on behalf of the Liberal Party gave her two dishonest media statements to choose from; and
  • A Liberal official asked Ingraham if she had sex for money.
“Iain Rankin needs to come clean on these horrible allegations, he needs to personally and publicly apologize to Robyn Ingraham and he needs to be accountable on which senior members of the Liberal team were involved, including those paid by the taxpayers who work for the Liberal government,” concluded Adams.