August 8, 2021: Last week of the campaign

Folks, we’re entering the last week of the campaign. Can you believe it?

I have to admit, it feels pretty surreal.

We have the momentum. We can do this! We still have a lot of ground to cover in the final week, but I must say we’re in really good shape. Our candidates are working hard, door knocking, making calls and getting out the vote.

If you can help your local candidate, whether that means making calls or reminding supporters to vote, I know they would greatly appreciate it. Just directly reach out to your local candidate with your availability and the local teams will set you up. Volunteering a few hours this week could make all the difference on Election Day. I know our candidates can count on you.

While we’re planning for the final push, we continue to be the only party that is addressing the serious challenges in healthcare. You can see a discussion on the subject of health at this week’s CTV debate.

We are the only Party with the solutions to fix healthcare. The nearly 72,000 people on the waitlist for a doctor aren’t numbers, these are Nova Scotians, young and old, who are looking for some hope in the healthcare system.

This week, my family and extended family join that list.

When we told our 20-year-old son that our doctor was retiring, his first reaction was to say, “But Nannie will just get another doctor, right?”

The last thing 20-year-olds should have to worry about is whether their grandparent will have a doctor to take care of them.

This election comes down to one issue and one issue only.


We can‘t give the Liberals another mandate. Imagine what healthcare delivery will look like in a year if we don’t change course.

Friends, I ask you to ramp it up this week. Please continue pushing our positive message, our healthcare solutions and help your local candidate whenever possible.

Until next week,