August 22, 2021: We did it!

To the candidates, their families, to the volunteers, the people who dropped off food, those who honked or waved, or who reached out with a nice note, a big heartfelt thank you.

You may never understand how grateful I am for you all.

Along this journey, we had lifelong PC Party members, people who have never been affiliated with a political party, and previous Liberal and NDP voters, join us. They all joined because they knew so much was on the line for our province.

I am humbled to have the opportunity to serve Nova Scotians as their next Premier.

You have put your trust in us – all 31 of us – from Cape Breton to Shelburne to Dartmouth.

We are ready to lead and deliver change for our province.

I’m honoured to have this opportunity as the leader of the PC Party of Nova Scotia.

Yours truly,

Tim Houston
Premier-Designate, Nova Scotia