Watch out for Rankin’s fear and smear

PC Deputy Leader Pat Dunn says Nova Scotians won’t be fooled by Liberal Leader Iain Rankin making things up about Tim Houston’s position on Public Health.

“Iain Rankin doesn’t want to talk about all the things in healthcare that have gotten worse under his leadership - more people without doctors, the worst nursing shortage in 30 years, rural emergency departments closing, young people not getting mental health support, seniors waiting for long-term care,” said Dunn, PC candidate for Pictou Centre. “That’s why Iain Rankin is not telling the truth about Tim Houston. He knows that Nova Scotians are increasingly turning to Tim’s Solutions for Nova Scotians, starting with healthcare.”

PC Leader Tim Houston is the only provincial party leader, who when asked by media earlier in the provincial election campaign, said healthcare would be his number one priority as Premier.

Dunn said Nova Scotians can count on Premier Tim Houston to work with Dr. Strang and Public Health to keep Nova Scotians safe.

“Having worked closely with Tim Houston as a caucus colleague since 2013 and having worked with Dr. Robert Strang when I was a cabinet minister in 2009, I know they will make a great team to keep Nova Scotians safe when Tim becomes Premier,” added Dunn.  “For Iain Rankin to try to scare Nova Scotians that Tim will put our province’s health and safety at risk is a sad statement to the lengths he will go to cling to power and avoid questions about the crisis in healthcare that’s gotten worse with him in the Premier’s Office. I guess that’s what Nova Scotians have come to expect from someone who would call an election in a State of Emergency.”

Nova Scotia’s current Public Health system came to be out of an initiative of the previous PC government. According to Dr. Robert Strang’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Message on his website: “The renewal process began in 2006 with the release of the Renewal of Public Health in Nova Scotia: Building a Public Health System to Meet the Needs of Nova Scotians, listing 21 actions.”