What’s the Liberal back-to-school plan?

A lack of Liberal leadership means students, staff and parents have no idea what the back-to-school plan looks like, with just one month to go.

“After 18-months of uncertainty, worry and alternating between in-person and online school, our kids and their families deserve a clear plan for the upcoming school year,” said Richmond PC Candidate Dr. Trevor Boudreau. “Every day the Liberals delay releasing their plan is another day that anxious students and teachers feel abandoned.”

Last year, the back-to-school plan was released on July 22. During a press conference, Liberal leader Iain Rankin admitted that he had not yet discussed back to school planning with Dr. Robert Strang.

“Last year, the Liberals said they developed their back-to-school plan with input from parents, students and teachers,” said Dartmouth East PC candidate Tim Halman. “This year, I don’t know a single teacher, parent or student who has any idea what the first day of school will look like. It seems like the Liberals care more about their political fortunes than the safe education of our kids.”

In June 2020, the PC Party released Ready for What’s Next in Education. It was aimed at giving parents, teachers and students confidence that Nova Scotia’s education system would not fail children during the pandemic.

The PC candidates noted the Liberals have had 19 months to address the problems with classroom ventilation and they need to reassure families that “just open a window” is not the Liberal solution for a second consecutive school year.

A newly elected PC government will act quickly to provide certainty to students, parents and teachers about a safe back-to-school plan.