Affordable Housing Report Highlights a Decade of Weak Leadership on Housing

Too many Nova Scotians have spent the years before the pandemic worried about whether they can afford a place to live, now and in the future. High rent and home sale prices combined with low supply and weak leadership, have made a bad situation worse.

The Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission Report calls it “a perfect storm of conditions in 2020 pushed our system to a breaking point.” It is a storm years in the making and could have been avoided.

“I want to thank the authors of the report and the many people and organizations who provided their input.” for their hard work,” says PC MLA Steve Craig.

"This government has failed to take action on giving Nova Scotians a better standard of living,” says PC MLA Steve Craig. “The report makes clear that the risk-averse culture and a siloed, laissez-faire approach to housing within government have contributed to this housing crunch. It speaks to a failure of leadership, ownership, and a lack of common sense from the Liberals.”

The report puts front-and-centre the difficulties many Nova Scotians -and especially low-income Nova Scotians - face when searching for housing. In Nova Scotia, more than half of all single households make less than $30,000 a year, which speaks to a problem much larger than housing.

The report also highlights the damage caused by rent control, the lack of supply and burdens on developers who are already subjected to higher market prices on materials and a labour shortage of people who can do this work.

“It’s not enough to brag about bringing people to Nova Scotia while being totally unprepared for their arrival,” says Craig. “Growing the economy requires us to take into account many factors. Do we have enough housing? Do we have enough doctors? And has a plan been put in place that won’t leave Nova Scotians behind? The answer to all these questions is: no.”

Craig, a former HRM councillor, says that partnerships by all levels of government are vital to getting results and solutions for Nova Scotians.

“This report paints a dire picture, but one that can be made better by addressing the failures head-on and working together,” says Craig. “The Liberals have waited around long enough. Waiting around isn’t an option anymore.”