Comer: When will the Mira Gut Bridge be replaced?

Residents of Mira Gut have been waiting too long for the McNeil Liberal government to replace their bridge, says Brian Comer, Progressive Conservative MLA for Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg.

“When the Mira Gut Bridge was torn down in 2017, local residents expected the bridge to be replaced in a timely manner. Instead, we’ve seen delay after delay and no promise in the latest Liberal budget to replace the bridge until at least 2021,” says Comer.

Yesterday in Question Period, Comer asked the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal when the bridge would be replaced, and if the community would be consulted.

While the McNeil Liberals maintain that the bridge will be built, they have already pushed out the date for at least another year. The original promise was for construction to begin this spring.

“Residents of Mira Gut have been without a means of crossing the bridge for more than two years, and the detour is more than inconvenient,” says Comer. “People are becoming less and less confident that their bridge is on this government's radar.”

The previous PC MLA for Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg had also questioned the Minister about the replacement or repair of this bridge. The PCs will continue to raise this question until action is taken.