Desperate Liberals promise bridge for votes

In a desperate attempt to buy votes, the Rankin Liberals are flip-flopping on their previous decision not to replace the Port Royal Road Bridge on Isle Madame.

When asked during the most recent sitting of the Nova Scotia Legislature, the Liberal Minister of Transportation said that they had “no plans” to replace the bridge, citing a detour that he was told is “quite short.”

The bridge replacement appears in neither the 2021-22 Capital Plan, nor the Liberal Platform.

"Liberals have a shameful record of saying anything to get elected. Who could forget their promise to get every Nova Scotian a doctor," says Trevor Boudreau, PC candidate for Richmond. "Instead of concentrating on health care, the desperate Liberals have resorted to old fashioned pork barrel politics with one week to go."

The Port Royal Road Bridge has been closed since 2017, forcing local residents, tourists, delivery trucks, and emergency vehicles to use a detour route which is also in poor condition.
Boudreau says that the people of Richmond deserve a government that will invest in people and infrastructure and who has a clear, confident vision for Nova Scotia.

“We are starting to see that even the Liberals are losing confidence in their plans and policies, now is the time for a change in government,” says Boudreau. “Nova Scotians face a clear choice in this election; weak leadership and a continued healthcare crisis with Iain Rankin or clear, confident leadership and solutions with Tim Houston and the PC Party.”