Don’t have an emergency after dark, ER closed

The people of Shelburne should be wary of having a medical emergency after dark as the Roseway Hospital Emergency Rooms will be closed overnight every day until the 16th of August.

The Roseway Hospital ER was closed for 30 percent of 2020.

“With new stories every day about ambulances wait times and doctor shortages, having our local ER closed so frequently leaves many worried that they won’t be able to access care in an emergency,” says Nolan Young, PC candidate for Shelburne. "I'm very worried about the immense stress on our frontline healthcare workers. I've been speaking with paramedics who are in tears."

More than 13 percent of those living in the Western Health Zone don’t have access to a primary care provider. Young says that the healthcare crisis is spiraling out of control and that nothing will change unless issues are addressed at the roots of the problems.

“It’s not just about the ERs. When seniors wait for long-term care in hospitals, those without family doctors are going to hospitals, and those with chronic health conditions end up in hospital - our healthcare system gets overloaded,” says Young.

Tim Houston’s PC Party is committing to building at least 2,500 new single-bed long-term care rooms, expanding at-home treatment for chronic health conditions, and aggressively recruiting doctors, including with a physician pension program and a foreign-trained physician mentorship program.

“Enough is enough. We need a government with healthcare solutions so that our community can have the comfort of knowing that if they have a medical emergency, they can access care,” says Young.

“On Election Day or in the advanced polls, vote to fix healthcare; vote PC,” concluded Young.