Federal infrastructure money should go to Long Term Care

Last Wednesday, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston committed to the largest investment in Long-Term Care in a generation. Today, he is renewing his ask for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to join in supporting Nova Scotia seniors. 


“It is my intention to commit to a system-wide change,” said Houston “The Province needs more single room beds, more staff and a new level of government-funded care and Nova Scotians are asking for a commitment from their Prime Minister.”


Houston’s fully-costed investment includes adding at least 2,500 new single room beds, hiring 2,000 staff and creating a new level of supportive living that will better fit the needs of seniors. The Trudeau government announced the availability of $3.3 billion being earmarked for provinces for COVID-19 infrastructure and specifically noted that that infrastructure included schools, hospitals and long-term care properties. 


There are currently 1,400 seniors waiting for long-term care beds. The current provincial Liberal government has not opened any beds during its seven years in power.


However Houston said that shared goals between his party and the federal government make it a logical time to invest. He is calling on the federal government to fund the opening of an additional 1,000 single bed rooms for a total of 3,500.


“I know the Prime Minister recognizes the importance of these types of investments in our long-term future and in public safety,” said Houston. “I hope now that we go beyond recognition and move towards fixing what needs to be fixed.” 


The PC announcement was well received by those who work in the sector and those who rely on it. Houston says it will ensure dignity for our seniors for years to come.


“Caring for seniors is a key priority for Progressive Conservatives,” said Houston. “We are willing to work with Prime Minister Trudeau or anyone else who shares that goal. We have to get this right.”


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