Healthcare missing in action on week one of the Rankin Liberal campaign

One week into the Nova Scotia election campaign and Iain Rankin’s Liberals haven’t made a single announcement related to healthcare

Dr. Sura Hadad, a dentist who’s running as the PC candidate for Bedford South, says it’s proof the Liberals have nothing to offer for the healthcare crisis that’s gotten worse under Iain Rankin’s leadership.
“The wait list for getting a doctor is growing, we have the worst nursing shortage in 30 years, more than 1,000 seniors are waiting for a long term care bed and there have been over 100 code criticals for ambulance service in the last week alone, but Iain Rankin has nothing to say about this,” said Hadad.  “Iain Rankin called an election in a State of Emergency, but he’s continuing to ignore the emergency in healthcare.”
Hadad is running as part of PC Leader Tim Houston’s team because of the party’s Solutions for Nova Scotians in healthcare, including:

  • Telehealth/virtual care for everyone and expanding it to include other health care professionals;
  • Supporting physician recruitment and retention efforts with the creation of a physician pension fund tied to service agreements;
  • Making Nova Scotia the first province in Canada to provide universal mental health; and
  • Investing in 2,500 single room long-term care beds for seniors.

Unlike Iain Rankin, Tim Houston has devoted most of his first week to detailing realistic solutions for healthcare.  The PC Leader is the only person to announce his detailed costed platform, Solutions for Nova Scotians, in the first week of the campaign.
“The choice for voters is clear: Iain Rankin’s healthcare crisis or Tim Houston’s healthcare solutions,” added Hadad.