Highway 103 promise from Rankin about saving his cabinet minister

Today’s promise from Liberal Leader Iain Rankin to twin Highway 103 to Bridgewater is all about saving his South Shore cabinet minister.

Lunenburg PC candidate Susan Corkum-Greek says Rankin’s old-style election promise about highways shows he’s clearly worried about Suzanne Lohnes-Croft’s re-election chances.

“Iain Rankin doesn’t want Lunenburg voters to be asking his local cabinet minister why there still isn’t a doctor for every Nova Scotian as the Liberals promised eight years ago,” said Corkum-Greek.  “That’s why Iain Rankin went old school and dug out the old political trick of an election highway promise.  Voters know better.”

This is the fifth day of the election campaign without any Liberal statement on health care. Corkum-Greek added that only Tim Houston and the PC Party have a plan for health care and transportation infrastructure.  A fully costed platform will be released tomorrow.

“The choice in this election is clear: old-style politics and a health care crisis with Iain Rankin or new leadership and Solutions for Nova Scotians with Tim Houston.”