Houston, PCs announce ‘Nova Scotia Loyal’ to strengthen local economy

With the cost of living going up, and businesses navigating a pandemic where government help was limited, Nova Scotians are looking for solutions to put ‘local’ at the heart of our economic recovery.

Today, PC Leader Tim Houston announced ‘Nova Scotia Loyal,’ an innovative program that would reward shoppers with cash back for buying participating local products. Nova Scotia Loyal would offer 10 percent off the before-tax amount paid on local food products and 3 percent from local non-food items.

“Nova Scotians want to support each other, they want to buy local foods, and we’re going to make it easier to discover the products made and sold at home,” says Houston. “It’s about keeping our neighbours in business, but it’s also about supporting a stronger economy that benefits us all.”

Studies show that consumers are more likely to change their spending habits when offered a loyalty program and that they are more likely to pay more for a product if they earn rewards.

“We know that cost is an impediment for many,” says Houston. “When you’re looking at two products, one from here and one from away, we think people will spend a little more to buy local with this program.”

Nova Scotia Loyal points would be earned on purchases of products with the ‘Nova Scotia Loyal’ label. These points would be redeemable as dollars at partner stores or towards government services.

“With Nova Scotia Loyal, Nova Scotians will take part in a unique, win-win-win program where they are rewarded for shopping local and local producers receive the benefit,” says Houston. “As a result, more money will stay right here in our province, while ‘food miles’ are reduced ensuring a more sustainable, environmentally responsible way to shop” says Houston.

By driving up demand for local products, this initiative will create economic growth for small and medium-sized businesses. Houston is confident that with this growth many businesses will then increase their exports, driving more economic activity for the province.

“The PC Party is putting forward solutions because for too long, politicians have failed to think differently and find new ways to drive our economy forward.”



“As co-owner of an agricultural manufacturing company in rural Nova Scotia, I know firsthand how difficult it is to compete with the big box stores and -- even worse -- the big online discount stores like Amazon. Those companies have big budgets and routinely undersell small, independent producers like us. In these challenging economic times, the struggle is particularly acute. This is why I strongly welcome this new marketing initiative by the PC Party to promote Nova Scotia Loyal. We look forward to this program raising awareness of the depth and breadth of unique products available right here in our own backyard. It's amazing how many unique products are made right here at home, and this Nova Scotia Loyal program will be an invaluable tool for connecting Nova Scotian consumers with local producers and products.”

Dave Belt, Co-Owner, Seafoam Lavender Company, Seafoam NS

“It is critical that we address our regional food in-security and that will only be possible with the participation of all eaters in Nova Scotia. Every Nova Scotian has a part to play in helping build a safe and secure food supply. Programs such as this not only help keep our food dollars in our own economy but also help Nova Scotians understand their role in building regional, resilient & responsible supply chains.”

Chris de Waal, Owner, Getaway Farm