Houston PCs launch $1 billion action plan to get homes built

Premier Tim Houston's PC Government has unveiled a $1 billion action plan to get homes built across Nova Scotia and tackle the Housing crisis.

On October 23, the PC Government unveiled its ambitious five-year housing strategy – "Our Homes, Action for Housing". This is an unprecedented commitment, with a forecasted investment of $1 billion aimed at fostering the development of over 40,000 new housing units spread across the province.

Drawing insights from a comprehensive housing needs assessment, released alongside the strategy today, the plan captures feedback from 21,000 Nova Scotians, 115 businesses, and over 100 organizations.

“Housing is a shared responsibility, and we need all levels of government, non-profits, developers and communities working together to solve these unprecedented housing challenges. This plan is a collection of action we’ve already taken and a road map of where we intend to go as we continue to work diligently with our partners,” said John Lohr, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “This plan was not built in a boardroom. It was crafted with input from the voices of thousands of Nova Scotians representing our province’s rich diversity. Our vision for the future is clear – more Nova Scotians will have access to safe and affordable housing, faster. Our future is bright.”

The needs assessment report, by Turner Drake & Partners Ltd., estimates that at the current pace of construction, which brings about 6,000 units to market each year, there will be a shortage of 41,200 housing units by 2027-28 if aggressive action is not taken.

Our Homes, Action for Housing brings partners together to address the gap identified in the needs assessment by increasing housing supply; growing and sustaining affordable housing across the province; and delivering the programs people need. The plan highlights 12 key actions that will help departments reach the Province’s first housing targets, by helping people right now and into the future.

Learn more by reading the report at: https://novascotia.ca/action-for-housing/