Kousoulis poster child for Rankin Liberal failures on healthcare and sexism

Finance Minister Labi Kousoulis is a fitting choice for the Rankin Liberals to send on the attack today, says Eastern Passage PC Candidate Barbara Adams.

“Labi Kousoulis sat around the cabinet table that said ‘no’ to helping seniors at Northwood for three straight years and created the current crisis in healthcare with almost 72,000 Nova Scotians without a family doctor, paramedics stretched to the limit to provide emergency care, emergency departments closing and the worst nursing shortage in 30 years,” noted Adams. “On Sunday, Labi had the gall to say how proud he was of the broken Liberal promise of a doctor for every Nova Scotian. If Labi Kousoulis isn’t the poster child for Liberal neglect of healthcare, I don’t know who is?”

Adams also wonders whether Kousoulis is being dispatched to attack the opposition parties to divert attention from Iain Rankin’s failure to answer questions about the sexist mistreatment of a former Liberal candidate in Dartmouth South.

In 2017, The Coast reported that Kousoulis defended the rehiring by then Caucus Chair Iain Rankin of Stephen McNeil’s former communications director by the Liberal Party, even though the staffer was convicted of a violent domestic assault against his partner. The Coast reported Kousoulis claimed that the Liberal decision to hire the convicted criminal was supported by those working with victims of domestic assault, a claim that was denied by those in the field. When asked in the Legislature about this in the fall of 2017, Kousoulis refused to answer.

“Since Iain Rankin won’t answer questions about his inner circle’s sexist treatment of his former candidate, perhaps Labi Kousoulis can start answering questions about his defence of hiring a high placed Liberal that violently assaulted a woman?” asked Adams. “Or is Labi just a runner up to his Liberal leadership rival in avoiding accountability in sexism and misogyny too?”