Liberal Health Minister refuses to meet with local doctor recruitment committee

Too many people in Truro and Colchester County are without a family doctor. Despite this, Liberal Health Minister Zach Churchill refused to commit to meeting with the local doctor recruitment teams to find solutions.

“The municipalities of Truro and Colchester, along with local stakeholders and volunteers who make up the committee, have done their homework and are eager to work with the government on doctor recruitment,” says Dave Ritcey, MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River.

“I’m disappointed that I am going to have to tell community members in my riding that the Minister of Health would not commit, on record, to meeting with us or to working together to recruit doctors to our region of the province.”

Thursday during Question Period, Minister Churchill recognized that the Truro area has a shortage of doctors because of a number of recent retirements. He also commended the local efforts to recruit doctors. But the Liberal Health Minister refused to answer Ritcey’s request to meet with the local doctor recruitment committee.

“We are not asking for a lot,” says Ritcey.” We are just asking for a meeting so that the new Minister of Health can understand the recruitment struggles that are specific to our communities. We must provide the committee with the required tools and resources to recruit doctors for our area.”

Under the PC Party’s Hope for Health plan is a commitment to restore local decision making and to establish a clinical health services plan in every region that would be accountable for doctor recruitment on a local level.