Old-style politics from Rankin Liberals about saving seats, not twinning highways

Today’s promise from Liberal leader Iain Rankin to twin Highway 104 to Port Hawkesbury is all about saving the seats of two cabinet ministers.

Antigonish PC candidate Michelle Thompson and Guysborough-Tracadie PC Candidate Greg Morrow say the big-ticket promise from Rankin is a clear sign he’s worried that voters want change from Liberal cabinet ministers Randy Delorey (Antigonish) and Lloyd Hines (Guysborough-Tracadie).

“After eight years of broken Liberal promises, including a doctor for every Nova Scotian, and a worsening crisis in health care, the Rankin Liberals will say anything in hopes that voters will forget the Liberal record,” said Thompson, a registered nurse and long term care facility CEO.  “Voters are a lot smarter than Iain Rankin gives them credit for.”

Morrow noted that this is the fifth day that Iain Rankin has not made any statement on health care.

“Health care just isn’t a priority for the Rankin Liberals and they hope to distract voters with old-style road building promises,” said Morrow, a longtime local broadcaster. “Only Tim Houston and the PC Team have a real plan to deliver Solutions for Nova Scotians, on health care and highway infrastructure.”

PC Leader Tim Houston will be releasing a fully costed platform tomorrow.