Opposition MLAs Reject Emergency Meeting on Sustainable Energy

Opposition MLAs did not support Nova Scotia’s tidal energy sector today by preventing a key stakeholder the opportunity to work with provincial representatives towards resolving a federal roadblock.

Trevor Boudreau, MLA for Richmond, wrote a letter to Natural Resources and Economic Development Committee chair MLA Johnny White, requesting an emergency meeting with Sustainable Marine Energy, a global tidal power developer with interests in our province.

It was shared with committee members that Sustainable Marine Energy, a British company, would be withdrawing from its Pempa’q Instream Tidal Energy Project, a well-supported initiative with incredible potential for Nova Scotia’s green tidal industry and emerging offshore wind energy.

Sustainable Marine Energy’s requests for pathways forward have been repeatedly ignored by the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), creating immense difficulties for the project.

Although all of the committee’s PC MLAs voted in favor of the meeting, the poll failed to receive unanimous support.

“We had an opportunity to bring all parties involved together in an attempt to save a project that could yield incredible results for our energy sector and environment,” MLA Boudreau said. “DFO’s role in creating this issue has been baffling and incredibly frustrating. More surprising than that is that certain members of our legislature have effectively hamstrung our attempts to salvage it.”

The Houston Government will continue to work with stakeholders in the green energy sector to leverage the incredible potential of Nova Scotia’s natural resources.