PC Leader urges resolution to rail blockades

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston is calling on Premier McNeil to speak up and express concern to his federal counterparts over the impact of ongoing railway blockades on Nova Scotians.

According to a CN Rail spokesperson, illegal rail blockades have already forced the company to lay off Halifax based employees, with more layoffs anticipated. Blockades have cut off shipments of propane to Nova Scotia, and the inability to move goods to households and outside markets is a serious concern.

“Nova Scotians are worried about a propane shortage in the middle of February. Premier McNeil must urge his federal Liberal counterparts to enforce the law,” says Houston. “The impact of prolonged blockades on our provincial economy will be substantial. Premier McNeil has an obligation to step up and protect Nova Scotian families.”

CN Rail executive Sean Finn has said "as soon as these blockades are lifted, we have to be ready to move these goods ... Canada's economy depends on it."

Products need to make it to the Port of Halifax and Premier McNeil must communicate to Nova Scotians how the federal Liberal government is responding to this disruption.

“All Canadians are being affected by Justin Trudeau’s inaction on this matter, and the Premier has a responsibility to advocate for all Nova Scotians,” says Houston. “We’re about to face a propane shortage due to these protests and it’s absolutely the Premier’s responsibility to demand that the Prime Minister take immediate action and put an end to the blockade.”