PCs take action to fix NDP-Liberal mess on Student Housing

Tim Houston’s PC government is once again fixing a Liberal mess – this time on student housing, by making historic investments to build more housing for students.


Today, at Public Accounts Committee, PC MLA Danielle Barkhouse set the record straight, highlighting the PC government’s initiative to build more than 600 beds at NSCC student residences, more than the Liberals constructed during their eight years in government.


“When you look at the PC government’s record on student housing compared to the opposition, it’s clear that only our government can say that we’ve taken meaningful action,” said Shelburne MLA Nolan Young. “Nova Scotians know that it takes time to design and build housing, and it’s unfortunate that the Liberals neglected to invest in it, leading to much of the housing shortage we see today.”


The NDP failed to build any new student housing units at NSCC when they had the opportunity. 


Since Nova Scotians fired the Liberals in 2021, the Houston Government has announced 620 spaces that are currently in various stages of development. The first three new residences at NSCC Pictou, Akerley, and Ivany campuses are scheduled to be completed in 2024 and 2025. 


A proven team of action, the PC government will continue to make the investments to build more housing and improve healthcare after nearly a decade of Liberal neglect.