Liberal Campaign ordered to remove misleading signs and material in Preston

HALIFAX, NS - The Liberal campaign in the Preston by-election has been ordered to remove misleading campaign signs and literature deemed to be not “properly representing the facts” by Elections Nova Scotia. 

On July 28, the PC Party alerted Elections Nova Scotia to misleading flyers as well as signs that the Liberal campaign constructed in Lake Echo, a community in the Preston constituency.

The signs, and accompanying print flyers, suggested a dump was being proposed for the community that the Houston Government was not doing anything to stop. The flyers also suggested the Minister of Environment and Climate Change ignored the Liberal candidate’s letter on the issue.

The reality is there was no application to the provincial government for a dump in the Lake Echo area, and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change ensured a response was provided by the Department to the Liberal candidate’s letter on this matter.

Elections Nova Scotia has instructed the Liberal campaign to remove all misleading signs by 12 AM Thursday, August 3, and cease the use of related campaign materials immediately. Failing to do so would be deemed in breach of section 307 of the Elections Act.

“This is the worst kind of politics. It’s incredibly disappointing the Liberal campaign in Preston would resort to blatant fear mongering for political gain,” said Barbara Adams, Campaign Chair for the PC Campaign in Preston. “We knew the Liberals were misleading the public on this issue and are pleased Elections Nova Scotia has ordered them to be removed.”

“The Liberals are clearly anxious to hold onto this seat that they have held for 20 years and are willing to do anything, including mislead the voters of the Preston riding, in an attempt to keep it,” said Adams.

Election day in the Preston by-election is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8.