Punitive Liberal Carbon Taxes to be forced on Nova Scotians

At a time when the cost of fuel and heating is at an all-time high, the Liberal Government has chosen to force punitive carbon taxes on Nova Scotians, Glace Bay-Dominion MLA John White said today.

The Houston Government has been clear on this issue from the beginning. We need to fight climate change, but we do not need more taxes to do it.

The federal carbon taxes levied on consumers and producers is set to take effect July 1st, raising fuel costs by as much as $2,000 per year for the average Canadian family.

“This is an appalling, ineffective measure that is made especially punitive during these times of unprecedented inflation,” said MLA John White. “The best path towards a clean renewable sector involves off-shore wind development, green hydrogen, tidal power and development of the Bay of Fundy, not additional consumer and producer taxes on Nova Scotians.”

Last year, Ottawa was presented with a made-in Nova Scotia plan containing a realistic and common-sense approach towards a greener future, but the solutions proposed were rejected by the federal Liberals. Even the Liberal Newfoundland Premier is calling out the federal Liberal government for this punitive tax.

This decision adds to a growing record proving that the federal Liberal government is more interested in taxing Canadians than fighting climate change. Recently, an offshore tidal company withdrew from our province because of federal inaction, thwarting a green energy project with immense potential.

Meanwhile, the provincial Liberals refuse to stand up to their federal colleagues and stand with Nova Scotians in opposing the Liberal carbon tax.

In the fall of 2021, the Houston Government introduced the strongest piece of climate change legislation in the country with 28 clear targets. Nova Scotia is quickly becoming a leader in energy efficiency and is committed to transition to 80 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

“We will continue to work towards green solutions that don’t involve punitive taxes on Nova Scotians,” MLA White added.