Rankin Liberals hosts $500 per person fundraiser in Cape Breton, while still claiming his focus is on Covid

At a time when most Cape Bretoners have missed birthdays, postponed weddings, and cancelled funerals, Iain Rankin and his fat cat friends are flouting COVID rules and living it up at a $500 per person fundraiser.

The Saturday Sydney get-together saw the Rankin Liberals play chicken with the gathering limits. Photographs show streets lined with cars and Liberals coming and going, to help keep the Premier in power.

PC campaign co-chair Tara Miller says an election shouldn’t happen while the province is under a state of emergency.

“Clearly Premier Rankin is focused on an election, and that means he’s not focused on getting through COVID-19,” says Miller. “Trying to grab as much money as possible while Nova Scotians have struggled for 15 months, shows weak leadership from Iain Rankin.”

The fundraiser - which was left off the Premier’s official itinerary - comes just 24 hours after he announced his intention to end an injunction on large gatherings.

“Nova Scotians want a Premier they can trust,” says campaign co-chair Cameron MacKeen. “Iain Rankin has been on the job for four months and he has shown that it’s one set of rules for him and another set of rules for everybody else.”

Rankin has been travelling around the province spending taxpayers' money, in the lead up to an election.