Rankin Liberals ignore health care crisis at first campaign rally

When it comes to health care solutions, Iain Rankin’s Liberals have a “no time, no future” approach, judging by their first campaign rally last night in Halifax.

Eastern Passage PC candidate Barbara Adams, a physiotherapist who has fought for health care solutions since her election to the Nova Scotia Legislature in 2017, noted that of the three Liberal candidates speaking at last night’s rally, only one devoted a single sentence to health care. Meanwhile, Liberal Leader Iain Rankin devoted only 90 seconds to health care near the end of his speech.

The latest examples of the health care crisis emerged this week when:

• Nova Scotia Health confirmed nurse vacancies jumped to 20 per cent, from 7 per cent last year;
• Nova Scotia Health warned Nova Scotians to expect longer wait times for emergency service;
• Parents and child psychologists expressed concern about skyrocketing demand for help for young people with mental health issues;
• The Nursing Homes Association of Nova Scotia launched a campaign to get attention for seniors care, noting that the sector is “screaming for help” and Iain Rankin’s recent announcement of 230 new long-term care beds falls far short of addressing the massive waitlist for seniors’ care; and
• The first-ever closure of the Queens General Hospital Emergency Department.

“Eight years ago, Iain Rankin promised a doctor for every Nova Scotian. Now, instead of acting to fix the health care crisis, Iain Rankin calls a summer election in the middle of a State of Emergency,” says Adams.

“No wonder health care barely rates a mention by the Rankin Liberals at their first rally. The only thing at the rally to give hope to Nova Scotians worried about heath care was the song that closed the rally – Heave Away.”

Adams played a key role in preparing the various health care solution plans announced by PC Leader Tim Houston last fall, including:

• Dignity for Seniors – which will build 10 times the number of long-term care beds promised by Rankin at the last minute on the eve of an election;
• Universal Mental Health Care – making Nova Scotia the first province in Canada to provide universal coverage for mental health counselling; and
• Hope for Health – a practical plan to improve acute care.

“After day one of Iain Rankin’s State of Emergency election, the choice for health care is clearer than ever: more crisis with Iain Rankin at the wheel or real solutions with Tim Houston and a new PC government,” concluded Adams.