Rankin Liberals the party of Northwood neglect

PC candidate Danielle Barkhouse says voters concerned about seniors care need to remember the Rankin Liberals are the party that said no to Northwood improvements for three straight years until COVID-19 hit.

“Iain Rankin sat around a cabinet table that said no to Northwood for capital upgrades year after year after year,” said Barkhouse. “Tim Houston’s PC Team is the only one with Solutions for Seniors, starting with the Dignity for our Seniors plan to build 2,500 new single long term care rooms for seniors.”

Barkhouse’s Liberal opponent Jacob Killawee, a longtime personal friend of Iain Rankin who was appointed by him to run the Liberal Caucus Office, recently stated on social media how much he cares about Northwood and seniors.

“I respect that Mr. Killawee has past family connections to Northwood, but the fact remains his friend Iain Rankin and the Liberals ignored Northwood’s pleas for investment in 2017, 2018, and 2019 only to see 53 people die at Northwood in 2020,” added Barkhouse.  “Nova Scotia seniors and their families need a party with a plan for seniors, not more of the same Liberal neglect of the crisis in health care and seniors care.”

Released in the summer of 2020, Tim Houston’s Dignity for our Seniors Plan includes so building 2,500 new single long term care rooms for seniors and recruiting more health care professionals to care for seniors; and