Smith-McCrossin: Nova Scotians want leadership and cooperation on COVID-19

Nova Scotians expect their government to cooperate with other provinces, and restrictions from COVID-19 have reinforced the need to work together. PC Cumberland North MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin has brought forward a bill that embraces a regional approach to serve Canadians.

“We should work together to provide solutions in times of crisis,” says Smith-McCrossin. “The legislation would establish a more coordinated approach.”

Smith-McCrossin who represents a constituency on the Nova Scotia - New Brunswick border says announcements, without consultation and notification of neighbouring Premiers, like Nova Scotia Premier Iain Rankin made last Friday are the perfect example of what not to do.

After Premiers decided on reopening the Atlantic bubble, Nova Scotia rolled out surprise changes two days later, catching other provinces off guard, and causing confusion and stress for families on both sides of the border.

“We have healthcare workers on either side of the border who rely on government cooperation to get to work,” said Smith-McCrossin. “It becomes harder for them when Nova Scotia goes back on an agreement and changes the rules without telling anyone.”

Smith-McCrossin says it should be less about messaging and politics, and more about cooperation and listening to science. That’s what the bill aims to do.

“We’ve put up dangerous checkpoints on icy highways, we’ve delayed cancer surgeries, and we’ve separated kids from parents,” says Smith-McCrossin. “Our response has to be people focused.”