Statement from PC Leader Tim Houston, regarding Premier Rankin’s changes to the Biodiversity Act:

Twice bitten, three times shy. This is the second time that the Premier (once as Minister and now as Premier) has failed with the Biodiversity Act. What does he have up his sleeve next?

We are calling on the Liberals to release the specifics of their changes in advance of Law Amendments Committee so everyone can assess the actual changes for themselves. It would be nothing less than deceiving for the Liberals to hold their changes until after the Law Amendments process in the hopes of deterring public input.

The Premier has suggested the changes would mean the Biodiversity Act would apply only to Crown land. If this is truly the case, and the bill now only applies to what they do on their own land, why do they need a Bill? It would seem that this change can be done through regulation - meaning this is either a political stunt OR the Premier is misleading property owners, and has a trap door planned for the bill to fulfill his initial agenda to tell private landowners what they can and cannot do.

Like most Nova Scotians, the PC Caucus supports efforts to protect our environment, and to preserve our planet.