Statement from Victoria-The Lakes MLA Keith Bain, regarding today’s long-term care announcement

Since I’ve been elected, I’ve demanded better care for our seniors - including much-needed upgrades to several long-term care homes in our communities.

Over a year ago our PC team released our Dignity for our Seniors plan. It called for at least 2,500 new long-term care beds and hiring 2,000 staff to care for our seniors.

After many letters, speeches, and questions to ministers, I’m pleased to see that the government finally listened and has committed to renovations for the Highland Manor Nursing Home.

Most importantly, my gratitude goes to the residents, their families, and employees who have advocated for these facilities.

It’s important to note that while today’s announcement included renovations, it did not include new long-term care beds for Cape Breton. This comes after Cape Breton was also left out of the pilot project providing subscriptions to virtual primary care services for those without a family doctor.

A PC government won’t leave Cape Breton out of the equation.

After eight years of ignoring our seniors, the Rankin Liberals are extending an olive branch in hope of re-election. Our PC Team remains committed to ensuring our seniors have the care and respect that they deserve and as your MLA, I will continue to advocate for our communities to get the investments we need to provide high-quality, comfortable care for seniors.