Tim Houston on the Government’s five-year highway plan

The following is a statement from PC Leader Tim Houston, regarding the Government’s five-year highway plan:

Infrastructure projects and spending are critical to our communities, our tourism and our economy. These investments are even more critical now with the obvious need to stimulate the economy.

Many Nova Scotians anxiously await the five-year plan to see if their road is included. The reason the Province releases a five-year plan is to give Nova Scotians confidence that roads, highways and paving projects are based on community needs, infrastructure improvements and safety, not politics.

The plan should always be based on need and nothing more. We are happy that the plan has now been released but it’s concerning to hear the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal hints that it may change if the new Liberal leader brings politics into the plan with “new priorities.”

That may also be why the overall plan, which is supposed to be for five years, gets thin after 2022/23. It is not supposed to be a Liberal political plan, it’s supposed to be a plan for all Nova Scotians.