Tim Houston on the overdue investments in long-term care

The following is a statement from PC Leader Tim Houston, on the overdue investments in long-term care:

Today’s announcement of additional long-term care beds is welcome, but overdue and insufficient.

There are roughly 1,500 people waiting for a long-term care bed. The fact is investments in long-term care were needed years ago. They were needed before COVID-19, and were needed when more money was devoted to feeding prisoners than was devoted to feeding seniors.

Three years after the Liberal government ignored proposals for renovations for single rooms at Northwood, and a half a year after 53 people died, the government has acknowledged the problem.

Though it’s never too late to admit wrong, this announcement is far too little to address the massive need for long-term care in this province.

Last summer, the PC Caucus released a fully-costed, comprehensive long-term care plan that would see Nova Scotia build approximately 2,500 new single-bed rooms, hire 2,000 additional staff and increase the minimum hours of care per resident to 4.1, as well create a new level of care.

It’s time to make up for years of underfunding. Seniors in long-term care, and those who will enter it in the coming years, deserve dignity and a plan from their government.