Time for Rankin Liberals to stop using government supported agencies for campaign events

For the second straight week, Iain Rankin’s Liberals are hosting campaign events at government-affiliated organizations.

Last week the Liberals used Efficiency Nova Scotia as a backdrop for one of their campaign events.  Today, the Rankin Liberals are going to the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE) for their economic platform announcement. Efficiency Nova Scotia was established by provincial law.  COVE was established in 2018 by a $15 million contribution from the Government of Nova Scotia.  The Liberal government also pledged in 2018 a $300,000 annual operating grant for incubation activities.

“The Rankin Liberals need to stop using government-mandated or taxpayer-funded organizations for their partisan functions - full stop,” said Cameron MacKeen, co-chair of the PC campaign.  “Hospitals and schools don’t have election campaign events for a reason.  The Rankin Liberals should have the same sense of decency and decorum to not put these government-affiliated organizations in such a compromising position.”

MacKeen called on the Rankin Liberals to disclose whether staff in his Premier’s Office used their influence and authority to schedule events at Efficiency Nova Scotia and COVE.  MacKeen said that Efficiency Nova Scotia refused to confirm who in the Premier’s Office called to set up the Liberal campaign event last week.

“Iain Rankin has a poor track record of transparency and accountability when it comes to his office and his inner circle,” added MacKeen.  “He needs to come clean on who asked these government-affiliated organizations to host Liberal campaign events.”

The PC campaign is also reviewing whether the Elections Act was violated in having publicly mandated organizations provide support to the Liberal Party.