May 16, 2021: Thank you to our healthcare heroes

The situation that has unfolded at the Halifax Infirmary is very concerning.

Thank you to every doctor, nurse, custodian, administrator, and every staff member who is working around the clock at the QEII. 

Every healthcare worker in Nova Scotia is assisting with this pandemic. We can’t thank everyone enough. 

You are all heroes.

And to the families and friends of those struggling with COVID right now, my heart goes out to each and every one of you.


What else happened this week:

  • Local beer producers are asking the NSLC to reverse a harmful policy that will result in their beverages being removed from shelves in the middle of a pandemic. The PCs have joined the Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia in asking for the process to be halted until the end of 2021. It’s disappointing to see local products being removed from stores at a time when many businesses are hanging by a thread. We know that businesses have been given little help during this lockdown, the least the government can do is refrain from removing their local product from stores. Click here to read the full release.
  • Students, parents and teachers have endured two of the more challenging school years in recent memory. With uncertainty and cuts already underway, next year may also present students and teachers with more challenges. The reality is that under this government, students have rarely had a year without some kind of disruption. Tim Halman says the Premier calls the shots, and he’s allowing cuts to staffing in the middle of a global pandemic. Also on the education file, MLA Barbara Adams successfully got the Health Committee to write a letter to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Education asking them to meet with unionized and non-unionized employees, along with representatives from the Early Childhood Education sector in order to address concerns related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • There continues to be no action from the Premier’s office when it comes to the allegations made by MLA Margaret Miller, a former Cabinet Minister, about misogynistic treatment within the Liberal Caucus Office. When asked about it this week, the Premier continued to dismiss it and downplay the severity of her allegations. This sends the wrong message to workplaces across the province. 


Tip of the hat

This week, Hockey Nova Scotia released a report on how to make the game more inclusive. Dean Smith, chairperson of Hockey Nova Scotia's diversity and inclusion task force, said that the group engaged with over 800 Nova Scotians.

As a hockey dad, I hope all children in Nova Scotia who want to play hockey have the opportunity to do so in an environment that is safe and inclusive.

Click here to read Dean’s interview with CBC anchor, Amy Smith. 


Failing grade

Despite months of time to prepare and having watched other provinces experience the third wave, it is clear the Liberals have no plan to help small businesses get back to profitability.

Businesses have been losing revenue throughout the pandemic, and those in the hospitality and tourism sectors are expecting another difficult season.

The business aid that was announced earlier this month is late and falls far short of adequately supporting business owners and their employees who did their part to keep their community safe. 

And that’s the exact point that MLA Tim Halman made at the Legislature’s Public Accounts Committee earlier this week.

We have heard the frustrations of businesses. We know that the concerns from business owners across this province are not new. They have been pleading with this government to listen and support them through this extremely challenging time.

The Premier and Liberal government were put on notice at the Premier’s state of the province address on April 7, hosted by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. At that event, members of the business community indicated that Budget 2021 provided no new money to support businesses impacted by the pandemic.

For Premier Rankin to ignore the requests of these small businesses, while acknowledging them as the backbone of our economy, is insulting. Small businesses are following the rules by adhering to public health, but government needs to catch up and finally support their livelihoods. 

I highly recommend reading Jim Vibert’s column from this weekend on the subject. 



On Tuesday, the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs will meet to discuss Paws Fur Thought: Impacts of COVID-19 and Funding Challenges. The witness will be Mike Gingell, Chairman of Paws Fur Thought.


Until next week,


PS (This may not be popular...but) Go Bruins Go!