August 1, 2021: As we enter the third week of the campaign...

Folks, last week I took part in my first provincial leaders’ debate and it was so exciting.

I love this province and its people. As we enter the third week of the campaign, I have to let you know how thankful I am for this journey. It’s been amazing meeting so many of you as we’ve criss-crossed Nova Scotia on the bus we call the Solutions Express. Thank you to everyone who has honked or waved (and even to those who’ve made other hand gestures!).

As diverse as this province is, there is one thing that unites Nova Scotians… the need to fix our healthcare system. For our part, the PCs have put forward bold, detailed solutions to get you a doctor; improve safety, dignity and comfort for seniors; and get Nova Scotians free access to the mental health care they need. We’re the only party that has been upfront about the cost. And we’re equally clear about our willingness to invest whatever it takes to get the job done.

We’ve shared all our details. Because, as an accountant. I know the details matter. After all, government is a serious business. It requires maturity, good judgement and a real plan.

I think the Liberals underestimated me because right after the debate, three Liberal cabinet ministers – Deputy Premier Kelly Regan, Finance Minister Labi Kousoulis and Health Minister Zach Churchill – sent emails to Liberal supporters attacking me.

While they’re focused on petty attacks, we’re focused on delivering healthcare solutions.

On Thursday, I was interviewed by Steve Murphy on CTV. Take a look here.

Before I sign off and get ready to attend today’s Emancipation Day Celebration, I would like to take a moment to commemorate the end of the practice of slavery across the British Empire in 1834. I ask all Nova Scotians to take a moment and learn the history of African Nova Scotians. I’m so proud to stand alongside the most diverse slate of candidates in our party’s history as we look to build on the PC legacy of positive change for a more inclusive province.

Finally, I would like to thank Carol for her continued support and friendship. We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary on Thursday.

Until next week,