August 15, 2021: It all comes down to Tuesday

It all comes down to Tuesday. It has been the greatest honour of my life touring this province and meeting with Nova Scotians.

On Tuesday, Nova Scotians have a choice: re-elect a Liberal government that won’t admit there’s a healthcare crisis -- a crisis that saw an 86 year old man lay in his driveway for three hours waiting for an ambulance and a woman who lost her husband at Cobequid ER because of long triage delays. . . .
Or they can elect a PC government that has been honest about the serious investments we need in healthcare, long-term care and addictions and mental health.
The PC Party has the solutions to fix healthcare, but we need your vote on Tuesday to get things turned around.
Nothing will change under Iain Rankin.
On Friday, former NDP cabinet minister Denise Peterson-Rafuse showed just how important this election is. She publicly endorsed our PC Solutions for Nova Scotians and did so with a passionate pitch to progressives across our province to support the only choice to fix healthcare.
I’m very grateful for her support and endorsement.
More Nova Scotians are stepping up to support our Party’s campaign to fix healthcare. The next 48 hours are crucial. I know I can count on you to do everything possible to support your local PC candidate.
I want every Nova Scotian to hear this message before they head to the ballot box: no matter who you have voted for in the past, no matter who you vote for federally, if you want to fix healthcare and elect a better government to replace the Rankin Liberals, I ask you to vote for change, vote for solutions and vote for your PC candidate.
Once again, thank you to everyone who has voted, donated, and volunteered. The support my family and I have received the past month is incredible. We are forever grateful for this experience.

Until next week,