Veteran Municipal Councilor Tom Taggart elected as PC candidate

Long-time Municipal Councillor Tom Taggart was elected as the PC candidate for Colchester North in a virtual nomination meeting held tonight.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support the people and the communities of Colchester North,” Taggart said. “I am eager to work with PC leader Tim Houston at Province House to deliver the common-sense solutions he is putting forward and make life better for the people of Colchester North.”

During more than 12 years in municipal government, he distinguished himself as someone who will ask the tough questions, face challenges head-on and advocate for rural communities. He is passionate about his family, his constituents and his community.

He is a tireless volunteer and passionate about helping people. He has also been elected for six consecutive years by his peers to be one of four elected municipal leaders from Nova Scotia on the board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

“Tom Taggart knows how to get things done for the people he represents,” Houston said. “His track record and his sincere desire to make a difference will serve him well as an MLA."